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Brian Zinda and Donna Belisle-Strecker


5 user540030276

Brian and Donna are excellent agents! They sold our house in a week (basically a few days)! They also helped us find a new home fairly quickly. We feel like they are part of our family now. They really know their stuff!

5 alucas255

Donna went over and above her regular duties to make sure that I got in the home of my dreams. She listened to all of my requests and goals and made my search a priority. As I got closer and closer with each step, she was just as excited as I was (maybe even more). Even after I was settled in my home, I was able to rely on Donna. With the everchanging market and strategies of real estate, I found it tough and shellshocking to continue, but Donna never gave up and always had a positive attitude. She is a class act and deserves 10 stars.

5 laramie jr

Donna and Brian helped us find our new home in the very sought after View Park neighborhood! They found it for us rather quickly. They are great agents who are now part of our family!

5 torifire1

Brian was fantastic!!! We had a very complicated situation, with difficult seller and escrow…and Brian stayed nothing but professional throughout the whole process. We could not have done this without him: his knowledge, patience and competence are superb! Loved working with him (and Donna) and he will be the only agent I would let help me sell or buy a house next time!

5 ajaxx702

I would describe my experience working with Donna and Brian in two words–A BLESSING. My encounter with them involved the sell of my mother’s home. They intuitively helped me through the emotional detachment I had to make with this home I had spent so much of my life in. They were always excited and upbeat even when deals fell through. I felt they always had my best interest at heart. That helped me because that question of am I doing the right thing was always lingering in my mind. I plan to purchase another property with their help.

5 kmacelwee

I never write reviews online, but because of our exceptional experience of working with Donna, I’m compelled to write this. We are very picky — we wanted a home in Highland Park, that is also a good value that we can do some improvements to, over time. And we are on a budget. Donna actually found us the home (with a view!), helped us get our foot in the door, and without being the highest bidder, our offer was accepted! In under one months time we closed escrow (another amazing feat, courtesy of Donna). It’s a classic character bungalow in Highland Park, that was the right price AND a good value/investment opportunity (a seeming impossibility). From beginning to end, Donna patiently and tirelessly worked for us, and collaborated with us. It’s a team, she taught us, and we listened and worked together. In this housing market, there’s no other way to be successful, competing against dozen of other buyers. Donna educated us on whats happening in the LA market, and more deeply, in specific neighborhoods. In this market, if you do not have a very thorough, and very motivated agent, you will not get a house. You need Donna to help you from the beginning of the process, through the trials of searching and bidding, to getting through escrow and closing the deal. With our specific situation, we weren’t the highest bidder on the home, and a large part of the reason why we got the home, is due to Donna putting together a pristine offer. You’d be surprised by how many agents are not thorough, or are not detailed, and do not file correct offers. Her attention to detail is of utmost importance to the seller, as well as the buyer. Sellers are unique in how they might take offers — Donna gets a read on how a homes sale is unfolding, and helped us place offers at the right moment, and in the right amount. Throughout the whole process Donna responded very quickly and professionally. Her great attitude and positive outlook kept our chin up during the house hunting and bidding processes. Frankly, I’ve never worked with a more quick, efficient, diligent, patient, friendly, and good humored person.

5 mcraby

I worked with Donna to find my home and had many requirements that were needed in order to purchase. I needed specific criteria such as location, size, price, etc. Donna was more than happy to help me meet all of my goals and work very hard to make sure I found and got what I wanted. She went the extra mile to insure my new home met my goals and help me throughout the entire process in every way. I would highly recommend Donna to help other complete this very important chapter in their life and I’m very thankful I had her to help me. Thank you Donna!

5 kuwana087

We were so lucky to have Donna as our agent. She was very attentive, patient and positive. She always responded to our questions promptly and was very informative. We would definitely recommend her. Thank you, Donna!

5 kateoiness

We were so lucky to have Donna as our agent! She was so helpful throughout the entire home buying process. She is knowledgeable about the Los Angeles area and the ever changing market. She is patient and understanding with first time buyers. Whenever we felt discouraged, Donna always had a positive attitude and it rubbed off on us. We would recommend Donna to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

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